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Through years of experience, we have mastered the process of identifying, designing and developing solutions to help grow your business. Our agile and iterative approach allows us to work with our clients for delivering high impact brand identities and digital solutions which are, creative, engaging & brand focused. We believe in providing highly creative and unique brand identities that put your business ahead of its competitors.

Case Study

Within the first week of working with us, Tutor Doctor was able to close roughly $5000 in new
sales all from leads we generated. This completely covered their cost of investing with us and
immediately earned them an ROI on the campaign.
During this first test we spent $750 to generate 25 qualified leads at exactly $30 a piece. From
these results, the client was able to close roughly 25% of leads into his tutoring program.
This initial test validated the campaign structure we had developed for him, got us critical
information we required to lower the cost of leads in round two, and produced a positive ROI.
While the average cost was $30 per lead, due to the nature of our unique Staged Split Testing
process, we were already able to identify targeting that produced leads for only $13.28.
This gave us an immediate way to radically reduce costs further and expand profitability

Michael and his team worked with us to
execute a campaign targeting investors for a
new medical technology.
The biggest challenge was finding people who
were not only interested, but qualified to make
a minimum investment of $10,000 – and they
had to be an accredited investor.
We tested heavily to dial in the audiences on
their campaign and even “invented” a preframing/retargeting strategy.
Using this strategy, we were able to warm up
and educate leads before they ever came into
contact with their company.
This resulted in a fantastic lead cost under $15
apiece, and over $400,000 in new investments
from the leads we generated them.

When Easy Mobile Flooring started with us, they didn’t have a reliable way to consistently generate leads, sales, and customers. We helped them develop a campaign that could systematically attract high-quality buyers from their market.

A major difficulty with many campaigns is attracting buyers who are ready to purchase now. This is critical for achieving a relatively short sales cycle and campaign profitability.

To solve this problem, we created a unique advertising angle as well as educational content that pushed prospects that were considering into actual “ready to buy” buyers.

The first two phases of the campaign development didn’t immediately yield sales, but we did see significant decrease in cost per lead and application each week. After a strategy call with the client, we were able to fine-tune the offer and unlock the sales potential of the campaign.